Greyhound Dog Prices

Greyhound Dog Prices

Greyhound is a type of dog that originated in Egypt in the Middle age. The breed is considered the fastest dog on earth. Owing to their long legs, masculinity, and slim body, greyhounds, are commonly used as hound dogs for hunting or racing. They are very popular in the European racetracks.

Although these lovely pets are structured for speed, they lack endurance. Just like the fastest animal on earth, the cheetah, the greyhound’s instinct is not to chase for a game for a long time but to catch it as quickly as possible. But when you are exercising with the dog, it’s good to give it the best.

At present, these dogs are not that pricey—on average, a greyhound dog can cost about $900 per puppy. That said, we are here to give you a piece of detailed information on how much a greyhound dog cost. Read on to get all the clear and detailed information.

Greyhound Dog Prices

What is the Average Greyhound Price?

The best way in which you can own these majestic pets is through adoption. Several greyhound dogs who are done everything they were meant to, especially with their racing careers, are placed for adoption. When they are adopted, they can spend their lives with their second owner, who will offer them good or even better lives. You can quickly adopt a retired hound dog for as low as $325.

Remember, you are adopting a dog that is already old. And in most cases, it will not be helpful in terms of racing (competitions) or hunting. So, most potential greyhound owners prefer buying small puppies bred for sale. The main reason is that they can feed and train them for whatever they feel is the best fit for their symbiotic relationship.

The best place where you can see these puppies for sale is Here, a puppy ranges between $500 to 800. However, before pulling the trigger, make sure to connect and talk to the breeders to get more insights into your preferred puppy.

Greyhound Dog Prices

Greyhound Adoption Process

The greyhound adoption process may take between one to three weeks from the time you initiate the process until you receive your new lifelong partner. However, the process might also take a little longer if you add some specifics, including color, age, or multiple restrictions.

Depending on the breeder you are adopting, the first step is to feel the greyhound adoption form and the reference sheet, along with the adoption fee ranging from $260 to $340.

Sending the adoption fee along with the adoption form indicates your commitment to adopting the dog. You can pay the adoption fee through a check, credit card, bank, or other payment options provided by your greyhound breeder.

You can agree on the payment terms, like you can pay half, then the balance can be cleared during the collection day. Some other extra costs might include tax for the adoption fee, the fee to register your adopted pet’s microchip. In a nutshell, the adoption fee covers:

  • Pet spaying
  • All forms of Vaccination, including Lyme, Rabies, Corona, and Bordetella
  • Microchip
  • All Bloodwork
  • Heartworm Test
  • Dental Cleaning
  • Thyroid Test

The most important thing to remember is to ask for a refund if you are not supplied with the pet as you agreed.

Inclusions to Your Purchase

Some breeders will carry all the paperwork for you, including filling and acquiring the health certificates and pedigree. But this can only be done when you also give them peace of mind by completing your adoption fee payments.

When shipping time comes, most of the airlines will require either the adopter or the breeder to pay for a crate for the cargo (if need be). If your breeder pays for the crate during shipping, it means you will keep it as a freebie. Several sellers do this as an after-sale service to their customers.

Greyhound Dog Prices

The One-Time Cost of a Greyhound

If you want to understand the total damages that you will have to keep aside, here is everything that you should add up.

Registration and Certificate

The health certificate that will give you the leeway of acquiring a dog ownership license or be in a position to fly with your dog will cost between $40 to $50. This depends on your location and the vet rates in that area. In most cases, the vet rates depend on their levels of expertise.

Keep in mind that greyhound dogs are purebreds that the American Kennel Club also recognizes. So for only $30 to $35, you can enjoy all the benefits of AKC for all packages offered both online and offline.

Transportation Costs

While most airline companies have lots of restrictions when it comes to the shipping of dogs, there are companies dedicated to offering exclusive convenience of pet shipping. For instance, with Air Pets America, you will only part with around $800 to $2000 for both national and international transportation.


Even though the origin of these dogs tells it all, if they are left without any training, their instincts can be lost. Mainly, these man-friendly pets are believed to originate from ancient Egypt, where they worked for hand in hand with the early man during hunting and coursing. But today, the dogs are mainly bred for racing.

If greyhounds aren’t conditioned the right way, their instincts can easily shift to aggression as they can start chasing small animals or any moving objects, including even your children. So, training for these sharp dogs is paramount.

If you are thinking of adopting these puppies or you are in the process, always ensure that they have undergone the required obedience training. This type of training costs only $130 to $250 and is vital for the dog’s socialization and discipline towards other small animals and children.

Greyhound Dog Prices

Different Greyhound Categories and their Prices

Depending on the quality and purpose, these dogs are divided into two groups:

  • The limited Greyhound Dogs (Bred for pets)
  • Fully registered greyhound dogs (Raised for breeding)

There’s a different price for each category.

  • Prices for Limited Greyhounds: The price range for limited greyhound dogs is around $800 to $1600. Greyhounds raised and trained in this manner are sweet, agile, and nobble. They are always very friendly when they are with you, your children, or even your whole family.
  • Fully registered greyhound dogs: These are greyhound dogs that are raised for breeding purposes. Their prices are very diverse based on their family, linage, and records.
  • Greyhound puppies/dogs from an ordinary family record and raised by a breeder who is not that popular can range from $900-2400.
  • The premium family record breeds that originate from a famous breeder will range from $2500 to $8000 per dog/puppy. Prices can even escalate for puppies from superb lineages and families..
Greyhound Dog Prices

Prices of Keeping Your Greyhound Dog Healthy and Alive

Depending on the health and activity levels that you want to keep your pet, you will be required to cough some bucks. Check the categories that should always linger in your mind whenever you think of owning this lovely king/queen.

Greyhound Food and Diet

Despite their well respected reputation of being the fastest dogs, a greyhound isn’t known for that much activity. They’re calm dogs who are always happy relaxing at home most of the time.

When you talk about feeding these dogs, it’s okay to give them three to four cups of high-quality food rich in protein ingredients and vitamins like vegetables.

This food can be divided into two meals a day. If you are searching for a grain-free chicken and turkey meal for your pet, you can easily procure it for $14 to $63.99 with a net weight ranging from 4 to 26-lb.bag.

Greyhound Grooming Cost

Luckily, greyhounds don’t require that expensive grooming like coat brushing or bathing. Their fur is permanently pressed and might require minimal or no brushing at all. But if you are a pet enthusiast who will always want to groom your dog, you can keep aside $26 for a good greyhound grooming kit.

Vet and other costs

With a lifespan of between 11 to 13 years, greyhounds are known to be very healthy dogs. But this isn’t to mean that they are immune to diseases or other common health problems. Among the most severe and common health problems that these dogs can develop include borne cancer or Osteosarcoma. This is an unlucky condition as it calls for a very costly treatment.

So, you should always be a responsible owner who always knows the health conditions of your pets. If you want your dogs to stay safe from any health conditions, you should be ready to squander $35 to $65 monthly. This fee can cater for a monthly wellness exam which is a thorough examination of your pet’s health state.

Greyhound Dog Prices

Why are Greyhounds Costly?

The most significant factor that affects the price of any animal is its current health conditions. Raised mainly for racing purposes, greyhounds might acquire some health issues on the tracks. So, when you are going for any retired greyhound, it’s recommended that you check and talk to the owners of any previous health conditions during its lifetime.

But since these sprinters are made for competition, they might get pricier for their champion blood as compared to other dogs with no such bloodline but raised only as pets. But remember, carrying a champion bloodline isn’t a guarantee that your greyhound pet will also be a champion. But with the proper diet, training, and health care, it can carry the day.

Caution to Greyhound Owners

Living in an apartment? Consider your options about your sprinter pet. But if you live home with a backyard, erect a 6 to 8 feet tall fence to ensure that they don’t run away.