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Slammer Has A Home And Couch To Call His Very Own

Slammer has finally found a home!

Slammer is our famous Greyhound that we have been trying to find a home for, for about the last 3 months. He was injured very badly in a car accident, and before that he was consistently abused by his owners. After having such a rough life, it’s so awesome to see him go to a new home.

His new owners are Christopher and Amanda Smith of Oakland California.

We are going to make sure to give everyone updates on Slammer’s progress as he starts to spend time with his new family in Oakland.

So far we have heard that Slammer is loving his new home with Chris and Amanda Smith. We hear that he already have a favorite chewy toy that he takes everywhere with him. He also has his very own bed, but he seems to like to sleep with Chris and Amanda instead!

Luckily they are very caring and loving and can’t resist letting Slammer join them in their bed. Even though he usually keeps them up a little bit!