It should never happen to any be thrown out, alone and sick after years of having a family is heartbreaking.  He was probably never taken care of properly....he was allowed to grow old without medical care.  He did have shelter and food and that's all he knew.  Now at about 8 or 9, he was alone on the side of the road, looking frantically at every car that passed, hoping that "his" family would come back for him.  They didn't, of course.

A kind couple stopped and picked him up but couldn't take care of him and began to search for someone who could.  I took one look at him and knew I was going to be that someone.  He deserved a chance, a soft bed, some good food and a whole lot of love. So off we went, this old dog that I decided looked like his name should be Barney, and me....determined that if nothing else worked, at least I would give him the love he deserved.

A visit to wonderful Dr. Shaw at Indian Land Animal Hospital proved that Barney had an awful lot of medical issues.  He had massive infection in both eyes and both ears.  His gums were horridly infected and surrounded rotten teeth.  His thyroid had a large mass on it and he was missing patches of fur all over his body.  Dr. Shaw had her work cut out for her!!

We have managed to clear up both ear infections and his mouth is healing after many major extractions and an awful lot of antibiotics!  His eyes are clearing up but he has a condition called Entropion which has caused some permanent damage to his corneas.  He will be having corrective surgery for this in the next few weeks.  The mass on his thyroid is gone now and our Barney is starting to feel like a new "man"!!  (which is a joke as we also "fixed" him so he is definitely no longer a "man"!)

Most importantly, Barney has lost his pathetic demeanor.  He looks around as if he is seeing the world for the first time.  He's curious....he's affectionate....he is HAPPY!!  And we are giving him back the life that he never had.

All of this comes at a huge cost financially.  Dr. Shaw is working with us but we know his bills have to be paid.  We are approaching the $2000 mark and that will continue to rise as his next surgery approaches.  Can you find it in your heart to help us continue to give Barney what was denied him for so long?  I know Barney would appreciate any donation you could send along....we will all be grateful for your help. Donations can be made directly to Indian Land Animal Hospital by calling 803-547-7000  or sending a check to Indian Land Animal Hospital  124 Fort Mill Hwy., Fort Mill, SC  29707  with a note to credit Barney Prather's account.

How wonderful it will be to see him run through the grass chasing a toy...something most dogs take for granted.  Barney is just beginning to learn!!