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Welcome to Grey Haven

January 2015

 The latest issue of GREYT NEWS is hot off the virtual press!
Greyt News Winter 2015

1/21/15 Greyhound injury bill passes Florida Senate committee

1/13/15 Why do Florida track owners want to stop greyhound racing?


January 2, 2015

Good info to start the New Year!

December 10, 2014

Joey had his ten day check up, bandage and splint change today.  He is an amazing boy....calm, happy and loving the people he meets.  After his visit with his "staff", he showed off his holiday bandage!  The leg looks wonderful, very little swelling or bruising and lovely little stitches on his incision.  (these stitches come out next week)  He's healing exactly the way we hoped he would.
A huge thanks to all of those who helped with his medical bills and to all those who have written to ask how he is.
Happy Holidays from Joey and all of his friends at Grey Haven!  








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